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Britlite manufactures trays, accessories and jointing elements from stainless steel in special projects, Stainless Steel trays are used generally for food and beverages sector. Stainless steel trays provide hygienic surroundings.
Hot Dip Pregalvanized Products
(Regarding TSE-822 standard)
Pre Galvanizing method offers a coating thickness between 15-25 pm's. This method offers enough
protection against corrosion for indoor use.Cathodic protection is obtained by means of battery
effect between stell and zinc on the cutted edges of thickness upto 1,2 mm. This avoid corrosion, though the prevention is not so strong. Zinc loss is 0-3 pm in indoor dry areas anualy, 2-3 in moistured areas anualy. If the materials are to be used in chemicals or acidic areas, zinc loss is 4-5 pm anualy.
Stainless 304 or 316 Quality Standard