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Britlite Engineering Company is now introducing KBS Fire Protection Material a product from Germany. There is no doubt that fire risks in Commercial Buildings/ Plants are huge and nevertheless it is an incalculable risk.
KBS Fire Protection products are used to prevent flame propagation inside Electric Rooms, Data Centers, vertical risers for cable trays, and along horizontal & vertical cable routes. It prevents fire from spreading within one building section to other sections and prevents cables from burning for limited time. Incase of Fire adequate time is provided for all kind of emergency shut down and critical operation & control as the Data, Voice, Power, Instrument & control cables remain intact.

The KBS Fire Protection System provides three major area protections, as follow

  • Fire Protection Seals
  • Fire Protection Coatings
  • Fire Rated Doors

Today the KBS Fire Protection System is known worldwide. More than 200 test reports conducted to all internationally recognized standards verify the suitability of KBS Fire Protection Products manufactured to the requirements of the Quality Assurance System DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.