Vivanco is a multi specialist Manufacturer for equipment and structured cabling solutions in Europe both in terms of breadth and depth of its solution in the consumer Electronics and Connectivity solutions space. Vivanco group offers end-to-end modular solution in Intelligent Building Cabling from server room to Desk outlet or campus wide network with its complete range of copper, fibre, smart home, Data Center, Racks and security cabling solutions.

Cold Aisle Roof System

The cold aisle can be installed with
temperature and smoke sensor, roof controller, electromagnetic switch. During emergency, the rotating roof will open under gravity automatically, ensuring fire extinguishing gas can enter the aisle.

Cold Aisle Door System

Two options are available for hermitically sealed doors-manual operated or electric door depending on customer requirements.
Door panel are made of tempered glass, guarantee the visibility of the aisle as well as meeting the requirements of fire emergencies.

Power Supply Distribution System

Modular Power distribution Cabinets, Power Distribution System with spare capacities.
UPS provide uninterrupted power supply to the modular data center and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management Platform

Detection module collects key information on temperature, humidity, smoke, magnetic door, water ingress, UPS, power distribution level, air conditioning provides a unified management and centralized monitoring of resources.
This will avoid the need for physical checks and improve overall management efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Structured Cabling System

Our cabinets are specially designed to provide ample cable aisles for inter rack or intra rack cabling as well as raised floor cabling. Separate cabling aisles for power and data cabling ensure minimal electromagnetic interference.

Cooling System

Using a modular approach, precision air conditioning are grouped together with equipment cabinets.
Horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors.

Cabinet System