FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® from System Sensor, the world leader in smoke detection technology, is a highly sensitive aspirating smoke detector which provides Very Early Warning type smoke detection in diverse applications ranging from mission critical to harsh environments.
FAAST aspirating smoke detectors use a pipe network and a fan to draw air from a protected space in to the detection chamber. This pipe network allows for smoke detection in hard-to-reach or difficult-to-access areas, including areas with temperature extremes, and allows for ease of testing and maintenance.


FAAST is an Aspirating Smoke Detector which is Highly sensitive to smoke and has above average resistance to nuisance alarms. Features include:

  • Four Pipe System.
  • Three Stage Detection.
  • Dual Detection Technology with Infrared Laser and Blue LED.
  • Five programmable Alarm Thresholds.
  • 8 Programmable Form C Relay contacts.
  • Event log of 18000 events.
  • Inbuilt Ethernet Port for remote monitoring.
  • Built-in Ethernet and Modbus Interface.
  • Single Pipe IQ software for Configuration, Pipe Design and Monitoring; Available Free of cost.
  • Sensitivity Range: 0.00046% obs/ft to 6.25% obs/ ft or 0.0015 % obs/m to 20.5% obs/m.
  • Coverage Area 28,800 sq.ft. (2,676 sq.m).