The ICEBAT is the cold storage system developed by FAFCO over the last 35 years. It allows you to erase, reduce or time shift the power consumption required for the cooling of your building or process. Cooling requirements can vary considerably depending on the daytime, the season and the application: hotel, dairy, hospital, shopping center, theater have very high cooling peaks.

Energy Storage Advantages
  • Reduce Investment
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Green Performance
  • Safety & Emergency
Air Conditioning


Hotels, Military bases, Hospitals, Resorts

Public Areas

Amusement parks, Cinémas, theaters, Museum, worship places, Swimming pools, stadiums

Professional Buildings

Offices, Workshops, cleanrooms, Manufacturing areas

Specific Buildings

Universities, Exhibition centers, Bunkers, Subway/Train stations



Logistic, storage, Cleaning, packaging, Stérilization, pasteurization

Pharma, Chemicals, Biotechnologies

Manufacturing process, Safe storage, Emergency needs

Specific Concepts

Fast cooldown needs, Refrigeration / Hvac hybridation, Temperature stabilization

Cooling Network

District Cooling, Data Centers