X-618 Digital Public Address/Voice Alarm System provides a comprehensive audio management solution for medium-to-small projects such as 5-star hotels, high rise office buildings, shopping malls, etc. Behind its innovative industrial design lies a powerful technical platform featuring high integration and Ethernet based network. It is born to improve work efficiency, reduce total ownership costs and promote safety and enhanced acoustic performance.
Provides 8 zones per X-DCS2000/EN system manager, and can be extended up to 2000 zones through Ethernet. Supports automatic volume control according to the environmental noise level. 255 audio priority levels can be set freely. Multiple backup power amplifier modes: 3 Main/1 Backup, 2 Main/1 Backup, 1 Main/1 Backup, 2 Main/2 Backup. Can upload e-map and display on X-Smart management software. 3 levels of breakdown for a straight view and more details.