Esser is one of the leading manufacturers of Fire Alarm System, providing a complete Solution for smoke, heat and gas detection with field device options for sounders, flashers and speech.

Fire Detection Panels
FlexES Features

  • Upto 18 powered Loops
  • Upto 1,000 Control Zones
  • Event Memory with 10,000 Entries
  • EN-54 Compliant
  • Master / Slave CPU by Redundant Control Module
  • Loop Length upto 3.5 km (Esserbus)
  • Galvanic Isolation of Analog Loops possible
IQ8 Series

  • Best processor technology
  • Permissible wire length for loop up to 3.5 km
  • Graphically supported programming tool
  • Supports IQ8 wireless RF technology
  • Networking of up to 31 panels
  • Up to 7 esserbus loops
  • EN-54 Compliant
Sounders & Manual Call Point
Manual Call Point

Suitable for powered loop connection, with soft address coding, alarm latch and alarm indicator.


Addressable, completely bus supplied power and short circuit, open circuit resilient alarm signaling device.

Optical Smoke Detector

Optical smoke detector to guarantee safe and early detection of fire. Intelligent fire detector with decentralized intelligence

Sounder with Flasher & Voice Alarm

In addition to smoke detection, the detector is provided with a builtin voice alarm device that can be set to eight different levels.